Our Equipment

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Equipment Overview

We use good, top-quality brand names for every piece of our equipment. We pride ourselves on ensuring we only use the best for our customers that we would expect to see or hear if it were our own event. Our DJs are well trained on every piece of equipment we have to know how everything works and ensure that before we use anything new at your event that we know how it works.

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Audio Equipment

Our audio equipment consists of a mixing console, laptop, wired and wireless microphones, and QSC K12 speakers. With this equipment, we have 2000 watts of sound to entertain the guests at your event. In the case of an emergency, we bring a complete backup sound system to keep your party going.

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Lighting Equipment

Our lighting equipment is available in two packages, basic and premium. The basic lighting consists of half of our effect lights while the premium lighting uses all of our effect lights. Coming soon, we plan to provide an up light package for weddings.

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Video Screen

Our video screen system consists of an Odyssey portable projection screen and a Hitachi Ultra Short Throw projector. The screen is 8’ wide by 8’ 7” tall and had a total viewing space of 6’ 8” wide by 5’ tall. The video screen system only takes up an 8’ wide space by roughly 30” deep space from a wall. All of the equipment is setup behind the screen so you and your guests are not tripping over cables.

We offer the video screen system for wedding receptions, graduation parties, or anniversary parties for photo slideshows that we create with your photos.